Island Style Cocktails and Sundowners


With wines sourced from some of the leading vineyards in the old and new worlds, coupled with hand-crafted local cocktails and Mauritian beers, guests are never short of something to raise at sundown or for a special occasion.

Come at sunset to grab one of the best views on the island, as the day light fades in evening over the ocean, serenaded by the gentle rock of the fishing boats.


It’s the ideal spot to sip a refreshing rosé, complimented by fine local flavour canapés, while watching the sun drop with effortless majesty. A large selection of cocktails, malts, spirits and a carefully selected wine list are available. On Friday and Saturday live musicians set the ambiance for a great evening.



For those feeling relaxed on our lounges or those just looking for a quick bite, we always have something tasty for you.


available from 11AM to 9PM

Tapas (4 pcs)

Cucumber salsa with croutons (veg)80
Cheese samosas & coriander mint chutney (veg)100
Vietnamese rolls with pickled veggies & Kikkoman (veg)90
Falafel & raita sauce (veg)120
Crispy cassava sticks & curry leaves mayo (veg)70
Chicken tandoori samosas & coriander mint chutney100
Chicken tikka sweet potato farata & raita sauce120
Salted fish croutons80
Tuna samosas & coriander mint chutney100
Fish tartar with croutons100
Crispy calamari & tartar sauce*150
Marinated smoked marlin croutons*150
Prawn & boucané skewers with honey mayo*200
Pork rillettes croutons*150
Deer sausage & curry leaves mayo*240
‘Boudin noir’, caramelised pineapple & turnip puree*220

Prices in Mauritian Rupees & VAT incl.
*Contents and rates may vary on the day of your visit

available from 3PM to 5:30PM

Wraps & Fries

Falafel - Crunchy vegetables, onions, cheese & raita (veg)350
Octopus - Tomato, onion, coriander, chili & lime450
Seared tuna - Tomato, onion, coriander, chili & wasabi mayo390
Grilled chicken - Crunchy vegetables, onions, avocado & cheese sauce400
Braised beef - Crunchy vegetables, roasted bell pepper & cheese sauce440

Burgers & Fries

Falafel - Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, cheese & raita (veg)350
Chicken - Tomato, cucumber, crispy bacon, cheese & tartar sauce400
Seared tuna - Pickled cucumber, nori, sesame & wasabi mayo450
Beef - Tomato, crispy bacon, cheese, caramelised onions & tartar sauce520
Beef fillet - Crispy bacon, cheese, caramelised onions, grilled
peanuts & curry mayo


Ice cream or Sorbet duo180
Banana chocolate crumble250
Chocolate mousse280
Pineapple crumble280

Prices in Mauritian Rupees & VAT incl.
*Contents and rates may vary on the day of your visit


A large selection of cocktails, malts and spirits are waiting for you, with a backdrop of sparkling ocean views.




Sourced from some of the best known vineyards, as well as some of the best kept secrets, our wines & bubbles are waiting for you.